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Pattisons Heavy Machinery Maintenance & Mining Repair, Darwin

About Us


Pattison’s Maintenance provide heavy diesel vehicle repairs & maintenance, welding repairs, lineboring, auto electrical and labour hire services.

The business has been operating for ten years servicing mining, resources and remote clientele.

Over the years the business has grown from an owner operated business to a venture which employs people throughout the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.




We are smart enough to realize that without great staff our company may as well close it’s doors. For this reason we go to great lengths to ensure that we employ people which are going to not only have great technical ability in their field but also mix well with the rest of our team.

As far as we are concerned if our staff want to die of old age working for us, then that’s great, we are priveliged to have them.


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Pattison’s Maintenance Pty Ltd

(08) 8931 3877
Fax: (08) 8988 9532
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40 Toupein Road, Yarrawonga, NT 0810

Heavy vehicles need specialist care if they are to be kept in top working order. When it comes to maintaining them, make sure you contact a company that knows what they are doing. Pattison's offer heavy machinery repairs and maintenance, so that your business can keep on running smoothly. Dave Pattison, the managing director, has more than seventeen years worth of experience when it comes to maintaining heavy diesel machinery, and this company has been around for ten years. With this in mind, you can be completely confident that your valuable machines are in great hands.

We have plenty of experience when it comes to servicing machining used for mining in Darwin, as Dave has worked at many of the big mine sites, so if you need your mining equipment maintained there is no better company to hire. At Pattison's, machinery maintenance is treated very seriously as we understand the critical nature of break downs in the mining industry. If a machine is not working properly it can seriously reduce productivity, and therefore it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. We are able to offer a prompt service for mining sites in the NT, even those that are located in remote areas. We highly recommend regular maintenance on all heavy machinery to ensure it is kept in good running order, and to prevent costly break downs in the future. Pattison's maintenance services make use of employees who are skilled in all facets of mine maintenance, including mechanical supervisors, servicemen, heavy duty diesel fitters, auto electricians, line borers, machinists, boilermakers and even site admin staff. With over thirty five highly skilled employees, we will have someone who is able to take care of your specific needs. Our mobile service is also backed up by a workshop in Darwin for any major repairs you need completed.

If you need a reliable, professional heavy machinery maintenance service, make sure you contact us at PHMM today, as we are ready and willing to help get your heavy machinery back in track and running smoothly!